If you are a qualifying (full time) student living with other qualifying students, you will be exempt from paying council tax. You will need to provide the council with your Student Certificate to receive your exemption. This is available from your University and you should ask for a copy when you start your course.

If you have a break in your studies, but are still enrolled and intend to return to your studies (i.e. due to illness), you can still be considered exempt, but you will need to provide evidence to the council.

If someone lives with you and they are not a full time student, you might get a council tax bill, but a discount may apply. You should contact Newcastle Council for more information. The responsibility for the bills lies with the non-student and they should not ask you to contribute if you are exempt.

When your course comes to an end you will start to be liable to pay council tax, if you live alone or are claiming certain benefits, you might receive a discount or help to pay the council tax. You should contact Newcastle City Council for more information.

If you are going on to study again after your course ends, you will need to provide evidence of status between the two courses to be applicable for an exemption. If you are not exempt you will have to pay council tax for that period.