Newcastle University Students Union (NUSU) Student Advice Centre

The Student Advice Centre (SAC) is the go-to advice service for Newcastle University students.  The service is located on the Ground Floor of the Students Union building.   If students need help on Housing related matters the advice team are there to help, support and advise.  Issues we can advise students on include :

  • House Hunting
  • Contract reviews
  • Contract Advice
  • Guarantors
  • Complaint handling
  • Housing Standards & Conditions
  • Possession & Eviction
  • Disrepair

The service is not limited to Housing, offering advice on a range of issues including Finance, Academic, and Consumer amongst others. 

You can also access information via our Houisng Advice Guide.

The Advice Centre is independent from the University; so we can offer fully impartial, professional advice and the service aims to empower students to take the necessary steps to remedy any situation.  The service has a strict confidentiality policy, operates within service standards, has access to the Citizens Advice Bureau resources and is licenced by Advice UK.

Students can book a 40-45 minute appointment by calling, emailing or just popping in. During term time the service also offers quick 15 minute drop in sessions, at varying times through the week.  Please check availability of drop in sessions daily on the SAC website as these are subject to change.

Contact us at telephone: 0191 239 3979 or email


poor quality properties, slow repair response times and unjustified deposit deductions, most students have one gripe or another.

“Wouldn’t it be great if Northumbria Students’ Union set up a Lettings Agency to right these wrongs?” came some of the replies.

So we have. It’s called NU:LETS, which is the official and approved student letting agency of Northumbria University, and the only place you need look for your student accommodation. We’re open for business on the ground floor of Northumbria Students’ Union. Why not pop by.

Inline with everything else Northumbria Student’s Union does, NU:LETS is guided by considerations concerning the students’ welfare  (we even have the Students’ Vice President Welfare and Equality on our board). We are committed to only offering good quality properties owned by reputable landlords.

Our sole remit is to improve upon the service levels currently on offer, provide a recommendable service to all. And, of course, we won’t charge you a single penny for this service.

Contact us on 0191 227 4585 or email