When you rent a property from a private landlord the landlord is responsible for most of the large repairs; fixing leaks, repairing boilers, replacing broken fixtures and fittings etc.  However as the tenant you are responsible to make sure your landlord knows about a repair as soon as it occurs.

In most cases the landlord will carry out the work promptly, its in their interest to maintain their property and keep their tenant happy, however some tenants worry that if they report a repair the landlord will evict them.  There are now powers in place to protect tenants from what is referred to as Retaliatory Eviction, however it is important that tenants follow the guidelines to ensure that they are covered.

Our Quick glance guide to retaliatory eviction  offers more information about the new powers and how tenants can make sure that they are covered.

As its important to put your initial repairs compliant in writing you might want to consider using our Request for repairs  template.