The Private Rented Service Newcastle has a number of services that support tenants in the private sector, find out how we can provide you with advice and support of contact us with a query at

What can the Private Rented Service Newcastle do for me?

We support tenants and prospective tenants though our Home Finder Service, Rent Deposit Scheme and a free professional advice service.  We can help you understand your rights and responsibilities and offer guidance and support if you are having problems in your tenancy.

Contact us on 0191 277 1438, Monday to Friday between 8 am and 12 noon or email us at

I'm thinking about renting from a landlord but dont have a deposit, is there any help?

The Private Rented Service may be able to help with a deposit through its Rent Deposit Guarantee Scheme if you meet the criteria.  The scheme can offer a virtual deposit that last 12 months to help you start a tenancy with a private landlord.  To find out more about the scheme contact us at

I would like to rent a private rented property but am worried about finding a good landlord?

The Newcastle Housing Accreditation Scheme is a property based accreditation scheme where landlords can demonstrate their professional standards, you can check if the property you are interested in is accredited with us here.

Landlords who are part of the scheme can advertise their properties with us via our Home Finder Service.