The Newcastle Housing Accreditation Scheme provide reassurance to tenants that properties are safe and well managed.  All landlords who are part of the scheme has passed a fit and proper person test and all properties have undergone a thorough property check.

I’m a tenant, what is Accreditation and how will it benefit me?

The Newcastle Housing Accreditation Scheme is a nationally recognised scheme that sets out standards relating to both the property and management skills of a landlord.

As a tenant you will be able to recognize landlords who have demonstrated their professionalism and this will help you when choosing a place to live.

Look out for our Accreditation logo on property adverts or go to our Accreditation pages to see if a property is Accredited.

How do i find out if a property is accredited?

If you want to know if the property you live in, or are thinking of renting, is accredited you can check the address online here.

How do i report problems with an accredited landlord?

If you are renting a accredited property and you do not think the landlord is meeting their obligation you can report this to us at

We will investigate all complaints and decide if a property or landlords accreditation status should be revoked.