The Corona Virus has had a huge impact on how we all live and work and many people have seen changes to their income in recent weeks and are worried about how they will meet their day to day expenses.

Students were faced with a difficult decision recently, some have chosen to stay in their rental properties in Newcastle while others had no choice but to return home but are worried about breaching their tenancy agreement.

Whether you have decided to go home, or have stayed in your private rented accommodation, it is important that you try and pay your rent as normal during this time.  If you are unable to pay your rent, you should talk to your landlord to discuss the potential of delaying payments, reduce payments or taking a payment holiday.

Not all landlords will be able to meet such a request and if you can’t come to an agreement you should seek advice.  If you are worried about making your next rent payment or have any concerns around your tenancy you can contact us at for advice.

If you are worried or struggling with money you should contact your University as there is often help, advice and support.

Most students aren't entitled to Welfare benefits, but in some cases you might be entitled to claim certain benefits (i.e. if you have a disability etc), to find out more about claiming benefits as a student you should go to the Gov site.

Newcastle City Council have created a dedicated page to help people understand what benefits they might be entitled to, and where to get support.  You can view that page here.