Corona Virus has changed the way we all live and work and we need to think about how we go about our day to day tasks.  The Government has asked us all to observe Social Distancing and we should follow this advice in all arrears of our lives.

If you are still living in your rented property you should still expect your home to be maintained in a safe condition, however you should expect your landlord to go about repairs and maintenance in a different way.


My landlord carries out property inspections every few months, they are due to visit again soon, should i go ahead with the visit?

Landlords are being advised that they should not carry out any non-essential property visits and this includes general property inspections.   If you have an inspection due contact your landlord and ask to reschedule the visit.

It is important however that if there are any repairs needed in your property that you report these to your landlord and allow access for any emergency repairs that are required (see below advice on doing this safely)


I have an emergency repair that needs attention, what should i do?

Its is important that properties are kept in a safe and free from disrepair and there may be repairs that come up during this period of social distancing meaning your landlord will need to attend a property to carry out work.

You should report any repairs to your landlord by phone or email, if your landlord uses an agent do not attend the office.  Send photos or video so your landlord can asses how urgent the repair is, and what is needed on the day to prevent additional visits.

  • Before the visit check if any of your housemates are displaying any symptoms.  If anyone is unwell let your landlord know and discuss whether it is safe to attend, or if the visit can be delayed.
  • Ask your landlord to confirm that they themselves are not unwell, or displaying any symptoms before the visit.
  • Ask the landlord to only bring people who are needed at the appointment, if a workman is going to do the work does that landlord need to be there as well?
  • Go into another room while the repairs take place.  Observe Social Distancing.
  • Always wash your hands thoroughly after any visit.


My annual Gas safety check is due, what should i do?

It is important that your landlord makes sure that your property is safe and a annual Gas safety check is important.   Your landlord might still ask to allow access to the property to carry out the Gas Safety check, you should discuss with your landlord if this is safe to do.  If you are self isolating or anyone is unwell in the property you should tell your landlord and arrange for the visit to take place at a later date.

If your Gas Safety check is due in the next couple of months, your landlord might ask to have the visit take place early.  They are doing this to minimize the risk of not being able to visit the property later. You should discuss if it is appropriate to carry out the visit at this time.

If the visit takes place observe the guidance above.