We know that the student housing market is very much driven by term times and the coming summer months are the busiest for students packing up for the summer and getting ready to move to a new home for the new academic year.

The Government Advice to tenants about moving has been relaxed but its important to remember that the act of moving home presents challenges in following the rules around social distancing guidance.   You should only consider moving property if you need to and effort should be made to keep all parties safe.

Doing a thorough check in and check out is important, this makes sure that new tenancies run smoothly, and deposit returns can be managed with ease.

If you are checking out or out, consider using video and online chats.

  • Arrange a pre tenancy video chat with the landlord, ask them to explain things like how the boiler works, where the stopcock is, where the smoke detectors are etc. Things you would normally cover at a sign in.
  • After you move in go through the inventory provided and take a through video of the property, use this to highlight any faults or discrepancies you might have with the inventory.
  • If you are checking out do a video a couple of weeks before check out and ask the landlord if there are any matters they would like addressed before returning your deposit. On the last day take another video and keep this to show evidence the condition of the property as you left it.

If you are moving into a new property it should be clean, tidy and safe for you to live in, however bear in mind that landlord might have struggled to do regular non-essential maintenance, decoration and general upkeep that they might normally carry out between tenancies.  Keep in contact with your landlord and ask if there’s is going to be any changes in the property that you weren’t aware of at the time of signing the tenancy.  If there are any discrepancy, ask when this are likely to be put right.   This might mean some maintenance might happen while you are living at the property.  Try and be flexible and allow access for decorations and improvements.

For more advice  you can look at the FAQs produced by Newcastle Students Union.