Students have recently been faced with a very difficult decision; guidance released by the Government has meant that many student had to make the choice to return home and they are now worried about what this means for their tenancy.

If you are living away from the property you rent, this does not mean that your tenancy has ended.  You still have the same rights and responsibilities; you are responsible to pay rent and look after the property, your landlord is responsible to maintain and repair the property and should not harass you or go into your property without notice and agreement.

We don’t know at this time how long lockdown will last so for some it might be too early to make a decision as to whether they even want to try and end their tenancy early.  If you feel that you wont want to go back to your tenancy you should contact your landlord to discuss whether they are willing to allow you to surrender your tenancy early.  Not all landlords will agree to this and if they do they may ask for some compensation such as keeping your deposit.  Any agreement should be finalised in writing and you should get a proper surrender notice agreed.  If you would like advice about surrendering a tenancy you should contact us at

For more advice  you can look at the FAQs produced by Newcastle Students Union.