Although most of the restrictions associated with the COVID virus have been lifted there are still some restriction that have a direct effect on Housing and it is always worth checking or taking advice before taking action such as serving a notice.

The Government have produced some guidance specific for private landlords and tenants which can be viewed in full at

Much of what we are being advised around how to keep ourselves and other safe is a matter of choice, such as wearing a mask and you should make sure your landlord is aware of any vulnerability in the household that might affect them.

Tenants should be making arrangement to allow landlords access to carry out property inspections and repairs, but in some cases might need to negotiate or delay access.  This can be for any number or reasons including having received a positive test, being ‘Pinged’, or simply because you are clinically vulnerable.  If your landlord asks to arrange a property visit you should explain if you need to delay a visit and rearrange a suitable time.

Tenants are still expected to pay their rent in full, but as Furlough is lifted we know that not everyone will return to their jobs or may find themselves on reduced hours.  If you are struggling to meet your rent you should get in touch with your University to see what support is available to you.

Summer is a busy time of year for student lets with lots of tenants moving into their first lets after halls, or changing tenancies over the summer holidays.  Often there is very little time between one tenants moving out and the next tenant moving in.  If a tenant finds that they cant move, for example they have received a positive test and need to isolate this can throw up many issues for all parties.  The key thing to remember is that unless the landlord has gained a possession order the current tenant has a right to stay in the property, even after the tenancy had ended.  This might cause delays if you are expecting to move into a property on a certain date.  If you are affected by this you should contact your University of the Council for advice.