The Housing Act 2004 provides councils with the power to introduce licensing of privately rented properties with the aim of improving conditions for local tenants and the surrounding community. In Newcastle we have designated an Additional Licensing Scheme and five Selective Licensing Schemes. This is in addition to the Mandatory HMO and Selective licensing schemes already in place, as introduced by Central Government.

You can find out all you need to know about property licencing in Newcastle at our dedicated Property Licencing pages.

So what are the different types of property licence i should be aware of?

Houses of multiple Occupation (HMOs) subject to Mandatory Licencing

Mandatory licensing applies to all HMOs for which:

  • It is occupied by five or more persons,


  • It is occupied by persons living in two or more households.

This is a mandatory scheme and applies to all properties let in the above manner in England.

Houses of multiple Occupation (HMOs) subject to Additional Licencing

Additional licensing applies to HMOs within a designated area which:

  • It is occupied by three or four persons,


  • It is occupied by persons living in two or more households.

The whole of Newcastle upon Tyne has been designated under Additional Licencing; any property let as above would require a property licence.


Mother, father and three children

Selective licencing

Selective Licensing requires all private rented properties within a designated area to be licensed.  Certain standards and conditions are required to be met for a licence to be granted. Failure to meet such conditions and standards may result in prosecution and/or the making of a management order which will transfer responsibility for managing the property to the council.

There are currently seven areas in Newcastle designated under Selective Licencing;

  • Cowgate
  • East End Terraces
  • HHRS
  • Village
  • West End Terrace
  • Byker Old Town & Allendale South