Most tenancies end in a very amicable way with the tenant being ready to move on and giving notice to the landlord, however is some cases a landlord may need to gain possession of a property or ask the tenant to leave due to breach of the agreement.  This can be a challenging time and can be costly and drawn out.

We have produced a number of quick glance documents that we hope will offer some guidance but if in doubt we would always recommend seeking legal advice of getting more information from the Gov. site

Quick glance guide to Section 8 notice  

Quick glance guide to Section 21 notice

To download the relevant notice form go to Gov. site tenancy forms.

There might be times when you think a tenant has left the property but hasn’t given you notice.  Abandonment can be a huge problem for landlords, just because you think a tenant has left doesn’t mean they have, or that you are free to take possession of the property .

Quick glance guide to Abandonment

Abandonment letter