Newcastle Housing Accreditation Scheme is free to join and a great way to demonstrate your professionalism.  Find out more about how being a member of the scheme can benefit you as a landlord.

What is the Newcastle Housing Accreditation Scheme?

The Newcastle Housing Accreditation Scheme is a nationally recognised scheme that sets standards for properties and the management skills of the landlord.  The scheme is free and voluntary to join and is a great opportunity to access many benefits as well as demonstrate your professionalism.

Why should i become accredited?

Becoming accredited is good for business.  We will endorse you as a good landlord whose owns well managed, high standard homes that are safe, secure and comfortable places to live.

Accredited landlords can also access our:

  • Tenant Finder Service;
  • Landlords training and development programme;
  • Professional advice and support service

How do i get accredited?

If you would like your property to become accredited complete the simple application form. We will be in touch to arrange to visit your property.

How long does accreditation last?

Accreditation lasts for five years and can be renewed. We will expect your property to meet the accreditation standards throughout this time.

How do i let people know i'm accrediated?

Landlords will receive a certificate of accreditation to display in every property that is accredited in recognition of their achievement.  If you have a website you can get a electronic version of your certificate to display on your website.  Your accredited property will also be listed on our website.