An empty house is a wasted resource that can soon become an eyesore that brings no benefit to their owners and have negative impact on the community.  In Newcastle we take a proactive approach to tackling the problem of empty homes by offering support to help owners bring them back into use and taking enforcement action if they refuse to act.

Outside of empty property

Empty Homes Grants

If your property has been empty for at least six months and you meet the qualifying criteria we may be able to offer you a grant to help you bring your property back into use.

Depending on how long your property has been empty we can offer grants of between £2,000 and £10,000 to help you meet the Newcastle Housing Accreditation Standard.

To find out more contact us by email or call 0191 2771624.


How do I apply?

If you would like to apply for support from our Empty Home Team please complete the Empty Homes Grant form or alternatively email or call 0191 2771624 to find out more.

Eligibility Criteria

To apply for an Empty Homes Grant you must:

  • Own a property that has been empty for at least six months;
  • Be prepared to bring the home up to the Newcastle Accreditation Housing Scheme Standards;
  • Agree that once the renovations are complete the house will be occupied by you, a family member or rented to a private tenant for a period of three years.


Inside empty home that needs work
Inside empty home after work completed

Assessment Process

Once we receive your completed form it will be assigned to one of our team to carry out an assessment.  As part of the process we will:

  • Check that you own the property and how long it has been empty;
  • Confirm that there are no outstanding Council debts on the property;
  • Assess the work needed to meet the Newcastle Housing Accreditation Scheme standards.

If your application is successful you will need to arrange for the work to be carried out by a VAT registered contractor.

Grants are not available to renovate a property to sell it on.

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Enforcement Action

If a property has been empty for a long time and we can’t find the owners or they refuse to engage with us we may be able to take enforcement action.

The action we take will depend on the condition of the property and the impact it is having on the local area as we are restricted in what we are allowed to do.

In most cases we are only able to carry out work to make the property safe and secure but if it is causing problems we may be able to take over management of the property.  In some cases we could force the owners to sell the property.

How do I report an empty property?

If you are worried about an empty property that is falling into disrepair report it by calling 0191 277 1624 or by email

We will need you to provide an accurate address of the property, details of the owner if you know who they are and any other information you think may be helpful.


Run down empty property