As the Renters Reform Bills is making its way through its second reading in the Commons we know many landlords are apprehensive as to what the future holds.

The biggest worry we are hearing about is the abolition of the Section 21.

For years now the Section 21 has been viewed as the landlords best friend; a faithful companion you hope to never have to use but its reassuring to know its there.

But is section 21 really the easiest way to get a property back?  Riddled with with T&Cs so many landlords find that they cant actually rely on their faithful companion when the chips are down.  So if Section 21 is really abolished, will we really miss it?

The Renters Reform Bill promises to strengthen Section 8 Grounds; including new mandatory clauses around persistent arears and the ability to ask for a property back if you need to sell or live in the property yourself.

And don't forget, prevention is better than cure!  If you are a landlord with property in Newcastle and things aren't going as you would expect there is free help and advice.  Get in touch with the Private Rented Service, we can help if you are expering problems with rent arrears, ASB, access for inspection or repairs or any other tenancy related issue.