There is never a good time to get a positive test result for COVID but if you are due to move home this can add extra challenges.  However, the message is clear; if you or someone in your household has tested positive for COVID you should self-isolate and should not move home.

Now we know this will cause problems for landlords who have arranged for new tenants to take over the tenancy, but its important to understand that if tenants have received a positive test they simply cannot leave on the agreed date.

This throws up many issues for landlord manging outgoing and incoming tenant and the Government has asked for your patience and understanding at this time.

If you know that a tenancy is due to come to an end and you have new tenants due to move in, we suggest that you:

  • Contact your current tenants to check that there has been no change in their situation.
  • Where possible leave a gap between tenancies, this is good practise in non COVID times as it gives you breathing space to manage any delays or snags.
  • Check with your new tenants and understand if they still plan to move on the agreed date, they too might be experiencing delays.

If you do find yourself with a tenant who isn’t moving out on the agreed date communication key.

  • Find out when their isolation period is due to end, and arrange a new end of tenancy date.
  • If this date overlaps with the start of tenancy for incoming tenants talk to the new tenants and see if you can arrange a new start of tenancy date or provide a temporary alternative arrangement.
  • Do not try to negotiate or harass the current tenants, they must follow the guidelines and continue to self isolate and tis will prevent them moving.
  • Don’t forget the property will need a full COVID safe cleaning and you will need to leave at least 3 days between tenancies.

Full guidance can be found at Gov.