The Government has announced further extensions to longer notice periods which were introduced in 2020 to protect tenants during the CVID period.  The current extended notice periods which sees most notices being a minimum of 6 months is due to end on 31st May.

It has been announced that from 1st June longer notice periods still apply, but have been reduced (in most cases) to require a minimum of 4 months’ notice.  This extension is scheduled to last until 30th August.

In the most harmful cases where a landlord needs to take possession of a property due to serious breaches of tenancy such as Domestic Violence, Anti-Social Behavior and arrears of more than 4 months, the notice periods are lower but vary.

Other important changes to note include the revision of the period in which a Section 21 can be enacted has reduced from 10 months to 8, and if you are planning on serving a notice please note that the prescribed forms will also be reviewed from 1st June and you should make sure to use the correct version which can be found online at

More details is available at Gov.UK

We understand that this is quite a challenging time for landlords and if you are experiencing problems with any of your properties, we might be able to offer some advice and support.  Please contact us at for advice.