One year in and although there have been many bumps in the road brought on by COVID pandemic, we want to take a moment to reflect on the work and achievements of the Property Licence schemes.   It is important that we recognised that none of these achievements could have come about if not for the mainly positive response from of the professional landlords in the city and the support and vigilance of the tenants and other residents.

Property Licence in Newcastle one year on!

We are keen to share the good work that has been achieved in the last 12 months via our Property Licence News Spring 2021 which we hop you find informative. The newsletter looks at the achievement of the Property licence Schemes over the last 12 months, takes a moment to address how COVID affected the scheme roll out and share some case studies which we hope shine a light on the true impact of property licencing on people homes and businesses.

We are planning to continue to provide updates and we are keen to include your views and with that in mind we are launching the property licence impact surveys.


Property licence impact surveys

We are keen to understand the impact that property licencing in Newcastle has had on landlords, tenants and communities and we want to offer everyone the chance to give us some feedback about what has made a difference, and what has not.

Go to LetsTalk and complete our short surveys.  Surveys should take no more than 5 minutes and will really help shape our work going forward.  We will feedback on the results of the surveys in our next news letter so will be able to see how your experience compare.