The UK left the EU in January 2020 and the transition period ended on 31 December. To continue living in the UK EU, EEA and Swiss nationals and people who hold an EEA family permit or permanent residence card, including children, need to apply to the European Union Settlement Scheme (EUSS) before 30 June 2021. Many people have already been granted settle or pre-settled status, but the deadline for applications is soon, so people should act now if they have not yet applied,


What this means for residents

If a resident affected by changes doesn’t apply to the EUSS before 30 June 2021, generally they:

  • Will not be able to legally live in the UK
  • Will lose their benefits including Universal Credit and Housing Benefit
  • Will not be allowed to work and could lose their job
  • May not be able to access healthcare or education
  • Could face sanctions up to and including deportation


What this means for landlords and letting agents

If your tenant is affected by these changes and they don’t apply to the EUSS before 30 June 2021 you could:

  • Lose your tenant
  • Lose your rent
  • Face legal action if you have not checked a right to reside for people arriving from 1 January, 2021


How you can help

People come from all over the world to live and work in our city. Many of the services we rely on such as the NHS, care services, supermarkets and even foodbanks would not have functioned during the pandemic without the efforts of those who choose to make Newcastle their home.

Some of these people could lose the right to remain in the UK if they don’t apply to the EUSS soon. We want to them to stay and, as a landlord or letting agent in the city, we are asking you to help by:

  • Sharing information about the EUSS with all your tenants
  • Encouraging tenants affected by the changes to apply to the EUSS as soon as possible
  • Telling tenants about the free support and advice that is available to help them apply to the EUSS set out on the council’s website (link)
  • Share the attached poster and leaflet with your tenants and any relevant networks.  We can provide hard copies on request

You need to keep up to date with all legal asks that impact your business and not just Brexit. New 'right to rent' law means private landlords must check to make sure any person they are letting to has permission to remain in the UK. Remember it is against the law to only check people you think are not British citizens. You must not discriminate. Before the start of a new tenancy, you must check all tenants aged 18 and over, even if:

  • they’re not named on the tenancy agreement
  • there’s no tenancy agreement
  • the tenancy agreement is not in writing

If the tenant is only allowed to stay in the UK for a limited time, you need to do the check in the 28 days before the start of the tenancy

Right to rent checks continue for citizens of the EU / EEA and Switzerland remain as now until 30 June 2021. It is against the law to ask these people to show they have settled status or pre-settled status when starting a new tenancy. You will not need to make retrospective checks for existing tenants from 2021.

Information on how to check a tenant’s right is available at : (please note special arrangements are in place because of covid)