The Government has announced another extension to the ban on eviction that was due to expire today, 11th January 2021.  the new date for the expiry of the ban in 21st February 2021 and you can read the full details here.

The rules and criteria in essence remain the same with one exception, it is now stated to be where the Court is satisfied that 'the case involves substantial rent arrears;' .  ‘Substantial rent arrears’  is being defined as  'a case involves substantial rent arrears if the amount of unpaid rent arrears outstanding is at least an amount equivalent to 6 months’ rent.'

In the meantime it is important that tenants try and stay up to date with their rent, and if they are struggling to do so should talk to their landlords.

If you are a tenant and are worried about arrears or how you will make your next payment please get in touch with us for help and advice on 

Landlords should keep a close eye on rent accounts of if tenants start to miss payments, or fail to make full payment should get on touch with their tenants to discuss what arrangements can be made.

If your tenant is in arrears and you need advice about what to do next or how to access help for your tenant please contact us on