Please see below a message from the Nationwide Foundation research project, they are seeking landlords willing to give them their views on changes to tax, welfare and regulation over the last few years  and how this might affect how a landlord manages their business.


How sustainable is the lowest end of the Private Rented Sector?

The research

Many landlords let to low-income tenants. Over the past few years, there has been increasing financial pressure on landlords’ ability to supply more affordable private rental properties, including: a freeze in local housing allowance (LHA) rates, the introduction of Universal Credit, property, landlord licencing schemes, changes energy performance and taxation changes. A number of reports have indicated that, as a consequence, landlords are exiting the sector. The COVID pandemic has also had, as yet, uncertain impacts on the lettings market.


This research aims to to arrive at a better understanding of the economics of this part of the market and establish how financially sustainable it is for landlords to supply property to the lowest end of the PRS.


The project will take place over a period of 12 months, reporting at the end of February 2021.


How you can help

We would like to talk to landlords  about how they have built their businesses and how they currently manage their portfolios. We would arrange an interview at some convenient time  either on the phone or via a Zoom call which we will arrange.


The interview content

It is important for the study that we collect detailed information about the business of letting, including financial and management decisions including decisions about becoming a landlord, expanding or reducing your portfolio, tenant selection and management, experiences of LHA levels housing benefit or universal credit, repair costs and other expenditure, mortgage finances and rent arrears and evictions etc.


The project cannot offer recompense for time, but will pay a small thank you of £30 in high street gift vouchers.


IF YOU ARE WILLING TO HELP US, please contact us below and we’ll send further information:

Dr Julie Rugg or Dr Alison Wallace