The recent COVID 19 crisis has seen some landlords need to leave vacant properties empty for the last few months as it was not safe to let them. As guidance is being relaxed and tenants are starting to move again landlords are busy getting their properties ready and we would like to remind you to not forget about the risks around Legionellas .

Small domestic lets are relatively low risk when it come to legionalls but landlords do have a responsibility to ensure the safety of their tenants. 

There a few simple tips you can follow to make sure your properties are safe:

  • Flush out the system prior to letting the property.  If water has been sitting in the systems give it a good flush out with hot water, don't forget things like showers heads as well as taps.
  • Make sure any tanks are kept free from debris (eg ensure the cold water tanks, where fitted, have a tight fitting lid)
  • Setting control parameters (eg setting the temperature of the hot water cylinder (calorifier) to ensure water is stored at 60°C)
  • Make sure any redundant pipework identified is removed. if you're refitting bathrooms and kitchen make sure you take away any redundant dog leg pipes to stop water pooling.

For more information about Legionals and Landlords go to the HSE site.