You will be aware that Newcastle City Council launched two new property license schemes on 6th April. To find out more about property license in Newcastle go to our property license pages.

The date for implementation could not be amended but in recognition of the impact of  the COVID19 crisis on landlord the date for application was extended by three months to 6th July.

Although there has been some easing of the lock down guidance we recognise that landlords are still having difficulty in complying with property license requirements and a further 3 months has been offered for landlord to meet the property standards.

You can read the full statement here, but in brief the two new deadline dates that you should be aware of are:

The deadline for applications is 6th July, you can make your application online at

The deadline for properties meeting the license standards is 5th October.

If you have any concerns about your license, or are struggling to pay the license fee, you should contact the property license team at