Being a landlord can involve a lot of paper work.  From getting your property ready to let, referencing and choosing tenants, maintaining a tenancy or bringing a tenancy to an end there is no end of forms, agreements, certificates and logs you really need to support your business.

Having an easy to access supply of templates can save you a lot of time and effort.  We are happy to supply a number of free templates to aid you in managing your tenancies.

Assured shorthold tenancy agreement

Once you’ve chosen a tenant and carried out all the checks you will need to give them a Tenancy Agreement before they move into your property.  This is a legal contract between you and your tenant.

A Tenancy Agreement explains the terms of the contract and offers both you and your tenant protection.  You shouldn’t hand over the keys to a property until both you and your tenants have signed a Tenancy Agreement.

Assured Shorthold Tenancy agreement template Word

Assured Shorthold Tenancy agreement template PDF

If need some support in drafting a tenancy agreement or carrying out a sign in with a new tenant you can


Tenant reference check application forms

Your property is one of the most valuable assets you own, and you wont want to hand over the keys to just anyone.

There are lots of places that offer tenants reference checking, including the Private Rented Service Newcastle, but it is something can choose to do yourself.

Tenants reference check application form Word

Tenants reference check application form PDF




Property log and rent schedule

As simple as it sounds but keeping a property log and rent schedule is one the best way to keep a track of how well a tenancy is progressing.

The property log lets you track visits, complaints and correspondence with the tenant.

Property log Word

Property log PDF


The rent schedule lets you spot any arrears early and provides vital evidence should you need to take action against the tenants due to arrears.

Rent schedule Word

Rent schedule PDF





Landlord letters to tenants

In most cases landlords prefer to talk directly to their tenants about any problems and to come up with a solution.  It is however often a good idea to back up such conversions in writing.  This not only demonstrates your professionalism but also proves an evidence base should further action be required.

Property visit letter Word


ASB letter Word

Rent arrears letters Word






Tenants pack documents

A good tenants information pack is a great place to start to ensure that your tenants are provided with all the information they need to manage the tenancy.

Its a good idea to include information about how to report repairs, emergency contacts, how and where to dispose of waste and how to report problems with ASB.

Waste management guide template for tenants


ASB guidance template for tenants template

How to report repairs guide template for tenants

Other things you should consider including would be copies of gas and electrical safety certificates, copies of the EPC, copies of the How to Rent in England Leaflet and any user manuals for white goods, alarms or security systems.