Following the recent lock down that saw so many of us staying indoors, you might be aware that the Government has released new guidance to start and slowly get the Country moving again.  We can now go for more than one walk a day, those who can’t work from home can go back to their work places and gardens centers can reopen. Importantly for tenants and landlords the rules around property viewing and moving home have also been relaxed.

It is now acceptable for landlords to show tenants around properties and sign up new tenants, however this should be done while continuing to stay safe and observe social distancing guidance.

If you are considering moving home there are some things you might want to bear in mind:

Before you ask to view:

  • Don't move home unless you need to; only consider moving if you need to and its safe to do so.
  • Look at properties online first, try and spend some time looking at photos and read the property description.  Only ask to a view a property if it is likely to you might want to rent the property.
  • Speak to the landlord on the telephone before hand.  Discuss important things like the rent, deposit, tenancy term etc. Only ask to view  the property if you agree with the details with the landlord.

During the viewing:

  • Observe social distancing, keep 2 meters away from the people you meet.
  • View the property on your own. Don't take friends or family; use video or take photos and discuss the property later.
  • Ask to look around by yourself, ask the landlord to wait outside while you look around.

Signing for a new tenancy:

  • Make sure the property is fully ready to move in, this will prevent the need for the landlord to visit to carry out any last minute jobs.
  • Ask for a copy of the tenancy agreement to be sent by email beforehand so you have time to look it over and ask any questions before the sign in.
  • Only attend the sign in if you signing the agreement yourself, of explore options to sign the agreement remotely.
  • Ask to do the start of tenancy inventory yourself, take pictures and video and send the amended inventory to the landlord by email.

And finally, observe good hand sanitation, always wash your hands before you go out anywhere and wash your hands again after you have been outside.